Polypropylene Pipes(PP)

Great variety of a Thermoplastic polymer (homopolymer or copolymer) used in construction, metering, automotive, grommet … Our or Polypropylene is 100% virgin and high quality. The polypropylene can be classified by the raw materials used in its preparation and its chemical structure:

By Commodities: Homopolímero- Copolymer

By Chemical Structure: -Isotáctico – Syndiotactic – Atactic

Homopolímero.- Polypropylene High resistance to temperature, good resistance to acids. It has good dielectric properties, its Tensile strength is excellent in combination with its capacity of elongation, impact resistance is high at room temperature, but at Temperatures below 0 °C it becomes fragile and brittle.

Copolímero.- polypropylene presents excellent resistance to low temperatures, more flexible than homopolymer type, its impact resistance is much higher, also increasing its Tensile strength as well as its elongation. Although chemical resistance is lower than homopolymer, weakness that is accentuated in high temperatures.

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