Our History

Ginés García successors S.A. was born in 1972 in response to a demand in the field of flexible mechanics.

We are located in Palau Solità i Plegamans, 20 km from Barcelona, where we accommodate more than 4000 m2. All
the company departments are all in the same floor, allowing us to respond quickly to any customer demand,
whether technical, productive or logistic.


Our job

We offer our clients custom manufacturing of any operating control for either transmissions for vehicles, industrial machinery , elevators , shipbuilding or any device that requires this type of cables and controls

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Our products

We have the most advanced technology to provide all kinds of customer service with great flexibility in our production process and proven quality in all our raw materials required in the global automotive market.

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Transmission cases for automobiles
Plastics coatings by extrusion
Hardware and wires
Technical pipeline


The automation of the production process involves the complete assurance of a high quality product. Moreover, our products are subjected to rigorous examination of our quality control department before being put on the market.

With the supervision and control of products and processes, from the moment
of design to delivery to customers, we achieved an excellent result with our quality products.