Creating solutions in response to a demand in the field of Flexible Mechanics.

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Ginés García successors S.A. was born in 1972 in response to a demand in the field of flexible mechanics.

We are located in Palau Solità i Plegamans, 20 km from Barcelona, where we accommodate more than 4000 m2. All the company departments are all in the same floor, allowing us to respond quickly to any customer demand, whether technical, productive or logistic


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During all these years we have been increasing our production lines to give/offer global solutions to the demand of our customers, being:

  • Manufacturers of tubes by extrusion with thermoplastic materials
  • Flexible cables and steel convers for transmission controls in the automotive sector

cables para automocion


Brakes-Abrecapots-Electric Windows-Clutch-Odometer

All of them composed by steel cables and plasticized flexible steel cases. Production of pipe/tube by extrusion in different thermoplastic materials such as:

PVC / HDPE / LDPE / PP / PA11 / PA6 / EVA / POM

As well as all kinds of profiles and plastic coatings with the same materials, for industries such as
hardware (ironmongery), industrial, automotive, medical, etc ….

fundas acero laminadas

And more


At the same time we offer to our clients, custom manufacturing of any operating control for either transmissions for vehicles, industrial machinery, elevators, shipbuilding or any device that requires this type of cables and controls.

Also we cut and laminate steel or iron according to customer needs.